Those Who Love the Sun, Applaud!

What’s the greatest source of light on Earth? The SUN, of course! We’ve put together a fun compilation about some myths surrounding the sun and natural light:

Tree leaves change color in autumn because it’s cold. FALSE. Tree leaves actually change color because their exposure to natural light shifts during the summer season. As winter approaches and the sun sits lower in the sky, northern regions receive less direct sunlight, slowing down the metabolism of deciduous trees (and our intake of vitamin D!).

There is more “good weather” in summer. FALSE. Good weather doesn’t always mean warmth. In winter, there are fewer depressions, resulting in clearer skies. Combined with Earth’s tilt, sunlight makes the sky generally bluer and clearer than in summer, even though the temperature is much colder.

Conclusion: In summary, our perception shouldn’t be relied upon when it comes to the sun. Science proves that the rays, depending on how they illuminate the Earth throughout the year, have an impact, whether outdoors or in our work environments. Hence, it’s important to consider this when discussing lighting to better integrate natural lighting into your projects, much to the delight of your clients!


Sylvain Dufour
Co-Owner & Director Specifications

Customer Service