The 5 Little-Known Magical Powers of Motorized Shades

The use of motorized shades remains unknown and underestimated in the preparation of architecture and design projects. Yet, when combined with effective lighting control, it’s as if they possess magical powers that alone enhance your concepts and project quality. Here are the 5 powers of motorized shades:

They enhance natural light intake and autonomously reduce sun glare; This maximizes room occupants’ comfort and consequently their productivity; They help reduce energy consumption in projects by effectively managing natural light in workspaces; They are exceptional allies in helping you comply with Well standards; Finally, the cost difference between a motorized shade and traditional window dressing is minimal, yet it completely transforms the user experience.

Considering that everything can be coordinated to optimize both artificial and natural lighting, these shades become essential for the quality and performance of your projects. Reach out to us for more information on motorized shades or where to acquire them!


Sylvain Dufour
Co-Owner & Director Specifications

Customer Service