Empire – Sherbrooke

Project Description: The company Empire aimed to add a new store to its chain to cover the Sherbrooke territory. They purchased a space in an existing building that required some renovations.

Client’s Needs: Following technical recommendations on a previously completed project, the client expressed a favorable opinion for us to collaborate with the design firm to modernize the Granby branch and design the new Sherbrooke branch.

Work Executed by Our Team:

Working with the business plans to find a suitable lighting design solution that would meet both practical and aesthetic client needs. Conducting photometric studies based on the plans provided by the design firm to justify the placement of fixtures and the required quantity based on the dedicated application. On-site coordination with the owner, electrical distributor, and electrician contractor to understand the real needs and make necessary adjustments. Ensuring the project execution meets client requirements (short delivery times and satisfaction).

Materials Used: Current Brand Fixtures:

LTC Series (track-mounted – Lumination Series), ABV3 Series (high-ceiling – Albeo Series), Allusion Series (linear counter service – Lumination Series), LIB Series (interior display – Lumination Series)

Liteline Brand Fixtures:

Luna RA35 Triples Series (shoe section), Luna 5/6 Series (exterior cornices)

Lampolite Brand Fixtures:

Circular suspended lights of different diameters, opal finish (signature element of the branch)

Objective: Achieve realistic colors and textures of merchandise through a CRI of 90 and a lighting color of 3500K.

Collaboration: Electrical Distributor: Tradelco, Electrician Contractor: FL Electric, Design Firm: Nine Design

Results: The store opened within the specified timeframe, the lighting is functional and aesthetically pleasing, and the client is satisfied. According to feedback, it’s considered the most beautifully modernized store to date and will serve as a model for upcoming branches to open or renovate. Consumers are responding positively!


Amélie Piché
Quotation Team Leader

Customer Service